La Voile d'Or Spa & Hotel

La Voile d’Or Spa & Hotel is a 3-star hotel located in the heart of Côte d’Armor in Brittany.
Situated in front of a lagoon, its ideal location allows its residents to enjoy a whole bunch of nautical activities such as Kayaking, Surfing, Sailing, Kitesurfing, Paddling …
But how do you manage to attract a younger and more active clientele and make it a must go vacation when Brittany often rhymes with rain, clouds and gloominess?
By inviting a jolly group of young people to spend the week at La voile d'or Hotel & Spa in low season. By doing this we can prove that Brittany is young and fun even in a calm period. The area offers awesome landscapes and thrilling activities to have awesome moments and make unforgettable memories, far from the cliché one may have over this region.
We are proud to present you the result of our trip.
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Creatives : Ophélie Blockmans, Geoffrey Kristof, Nicolas Maertens & David Magnus.